Whether you work in a corporation or own a small or medium sized company, you have most likely came across some issues with a parking lot. Most companies don’t own parking facilities big enough to fit all their employees’ cars, but they don’t take any action as parking management is assumed to be very expensive. Not anymore.

What problems does Parkalot solve at workplace parking?

Inefficient usage of parking

Lack of spots for those who need them the most

Parking rules violations

Lack of spots for parking guests

How can Parkalot change your parking?

Priority spots will always be there

The parking administrator can prioritise assigning spots to those who need them the most: commuters, employees with disabilities or those who have a spot due to their seniority. If these people don’t confirm their reservations a day ahead (i.e. Due to a work trip or sick leave), their spots go to the shared pool, from which other employees can book parking spaces.

Full transparency of the parking situation

Employees know a day ahead if they will be able to find a spot on the company’s parking area and can plan their trip to work a day accordingly. No more stress over parking every morning.

Violations can be immediately reported

Somebody took a spot that wasn’t theirs? They parked in a way that blocks neighbouring parking spaces? Such incidents can be reported to the parking administrator with a few clicks.

Spots for guests available when needed

An important client or partner is coming for a meeting? Don’t let them waste their time over parking. The administrator can create an account for a guest and temporary assign them a spot.

As an effect of this, parking is utilized 100% and enforced through fair-use rules

Works on all devices & systems

Setup doesn’t require help from IT

No hardware necessary

No installation needed

Solve your parking chaos

Without spending thousands of dollars

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