Obstacles of a Growing Business

Many flourishing companies which develop rapidly and open new locations face some serious management problems. They may concern both employers and managers who supervise workers in different offices as well as workers who are sometimes delegated to work in all these locations. If you experience some logistic problems related to the fact that your company has multiple facilities located in different parts of the city, check out some of the most effective ideas to remedy them.

Multiple locations and the most common problems

Although the growth of your company is something you should be proud of, it may lead to some serious challenges that you need to face immediately. While some of them are inherent to particular sectors, many can be encountered in multiple businesses, regardless of your industry. Which of them are the most common among numerous growing companies? What can you do to overcome the challenges?

The biggest challenges in growing companies

While thinking about obstacles that any growing business may face, we can simply divide them into those conditioned by the needs of the modern market and those connected with some internal limitations. While the first group usually requires deeper insight and the implementation of complex strategies and procedures, the latter can be usually fixed quickly, e.g. through moving to a new office or using some state-of-the-art applications that can help your employees save time, e.g., a parking app

Employee management

As the business grows and takes on new employees, its structure develops. The bigger the number of people who work in the company is, the more difficult it becomes to control each one of them. The supervision over employees is even more challenging if we need to hire many of them in a short period of time. The best way to overcome this problem is to introduce some internal systems that facilitate time management, task distribution and communication on different levels. Some motivation programs can also be helpful.

Company culture

Company culture is a term that should describe all modern businesses. It refers to a number of behaviours and attitudes that the company and its employees share. The company culture may include the company’s missions, values, ethics, goals, desired leadership style, etc. It is given by the employer and makes employees understand how they should act and what behaviours are approved within the company. A strong company’s culture can erase many everyday misunderstandings and tacitly promote particular behaviours.

Limited space

Another aspect that should be taken into consideration is connected with the lack of space. This may concern both office and parking spaces. The easiest way to control the latter is to introduce a car park reservation software such as Parkalot. Such software will allow you to efficiently manage the space around the office so that your employees don’t need much time to find a free parking space. When it comes to limited office space, the easiest way to deal with it is to move to a bigger office or open a new location. However, this is not always possible, in particular when it comes to seasonal businesses. One of the most common solution these days is the introduction of the home office. 

Communication problems

Communication is the key to success in each sector and industry. With poor communication and unclearly set tasks, employees can perform their duties in a less productive way than expected. Fortunately, with today’s employee management systems and communication tools, it is easy to get them on the right track. What is more, the possibility of online chatting and organising group conversations or video calls, considerably facilitates everyday office work and fosters cooperation. It also reduces barriers that remote workers may face and enables them to feel like they are in the actual office.

Outdated technology

We have already mentioned some popular modern technologies, such as a parking space reservation app or chat software, that may find their place in your company. If your business already uses several new technologies, don’t forget to keep them up-to-date. There is nothing worse than outdated systems that slow down the pace of work and are a potential source of diverse problems. Of course, technology develops with the speed of light and no company is able to keep up with its pace, but at least try to be flexible and benefit from it as much as you can!

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