Managing multiple locations

Many flourishing companies which develop rapidly and open new locations face some serious management problems. They may concern both employers and managers who supervise workers in different offices as well as workers who are sometimes delegated to work in all these locations. If you experience some logistic problems related to the fact that your company has multiple facilities located in different parts of the city, check out some of the most effective ideas to remedy them.

Multiple locations and the most common problems

Running a company with different locations is most importantly a big logistic challenge. Unfortunately, you can’t be in two places at once. Therefore, you need to find a way to keep an eye on your employees even if you are not physically present at work. The situation is even more difficult if some of your workers need to work in all these locations. This is common for some big factories and chain stores who employ a great number of workers. Luckily, some helpful modern technologies are at your fingertips. With staff management software, a scheduling system and a parking app you can bring all of your locations to the next level.

Work optimization for multiple locations

Each employer who opens a new location needs to prepare a detailed plan of rules and systems that need to be introduced. If they are carefully thought, they can significantly ameliorate management in these different spots. Check what you should take into consideration while planning an expansion to new locations.

Create similar conditions

Although while opening a new company location it is tempting to choose some of the latest solutions and the most recent systems, remember not to take spontaneous decisions. Think carefully about your employees and their needs. It is possible that with time some of them may be delegated to work in more than one location and that teams from different offices may cooperate. Take this into consideration while introducing some operating procedures and implementing management, communication and parking apps.

Opt for scheduling and management systems

To boost the efficiency of management in multiple locations, you need to introduce systems that will help your employees focus on what they are supposed to do. It will not only help you in task delegation and in supervising staff but will also be essential for your workers to carry out their duties in more than one place. Today’s management systems are intuitive and user-friendly so they can be used by employees regardless of their age. 

Improve communication

The means for effective communications are crucial especially in the case of locations that are interconnected. If employees from both sites are in constant contact, do your best to provide them with easy communication methods. You can go for some basic online systems such as individual and group chats, video conferences, etc. If virtual group meetings and conferences are common, think of equipping the office with professional conferencing solutions, including some more developed software and performant devices.

Make your employees feel comfortable

If some of your employees are delegated to work at multiple locations, one of the major issues that they may face is commuting. If spots are located in different parts of the city, or even in different cities, the commute can be problematic especially when it comes to people using public means of transport or those who need to go a long way to get to the second location. These problems can be solved with the Parkalot parking app. Thanks to it, everyone can reserve a parking space when and where they need it, or an administrator can assign a particular parking spot to an employee. It is sometimes the only way to park your car close to the office entrance, even if the car park is filled to the brim.

Be present

Last but not least, remember that your physical presence and personal supervision motivates employees and makes them work efficiently. After opening a new company location, never forget about employees who have been working for you for a long time. It is obvious that with multiple spots you will have to share your time between two or more spots, but never skip visits in any of them.

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