Must-have employee perks and benefits for 2022

Dedicated and industrious employees are one of the most valuable assets in every company. This is why you should always appreciate what they do and reward them for good performance. The easiest way to do so is to introduce various perks and benefits that they can opt for. Check out the most popular incentives that companies all over the world offer to their employees in 2022. 

Which employee perks and benefits are most important?

Physical health support

Benefits supporting the physical health of employees are still a must-have in each employee-friendly company. Free gym memberships and private healthcare are the best examples. Many companies have also opened in-house gyms which employees can benefit from during working hours. Another popular trend supporting physical health for 2022 is standing desks.

Childcare help

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and the introduced restrictions that to a great extent interrupted the organization of schools and kindergartens, many companies struggled with a decreased number of employees having children showing up at work. This has led to the popularisation of childcare-related benefits such as stipends to cover nanny costs or on-site childcare options.

Flexible working hours

Another benefit that is highly popular in 2022 is the possibility of flexible work scheduling. This type of perk is particularly useful in the case of parents who have to drive their children to school or employees who spend hours in traffic jams. Flexible working hours seem to directly impact employees’ well-being and give them the chance to adjust their working schedule to their needs.

Remote work

Even though the COVID-19 pandemic seems to have slowed down in most countries, there are still many employees who are not eager to come back to the office. For those who prefer working remotely from home, the possibility of not coming to work daily seems to be the most desirable perk in 2022. You can make it even easier by introducing a desk reservation app.

Easier commuting

When it comes to employees who have to or prefer working from the office, there is nothing worse than spending huge amounts of time in traffic, starting from streets to busy car parks. To make commuting easier for your staff, you can introduce a parking space reservation system. This intuitive mobile application significantly reduces the time your employees spend in car parks.


Retirement plan

A retirement plan makes your employees feel secure about their future. Although in the past private retirement schemes were rather rare, they are becoming more and more popular these days. Retirement packages are mostly offered by multinationals and other big employers, but smaller companies are also introducing them.

Leisure time

The restrictions and lockdowns imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic have shown us how important it is to socialize with others and find a true work-life balance (which also includes leisure time!). Such benefits as restaurant and concert vouchers, subsidized holidays or corporate trips enable employees to slow down for a minute and motivate them to work harder.

Mental health support

Last but not least, mental health support is crucial these days. Due to the unexpected and rapid shift to remote work caused by the pandemic, many employees have struggled with burnout, depression and anxiety states. All these mental health problems don’t only affect the employees themselves, but also their performance at work. Accessible mental health benefits including medical health and therapy can be an answer to this problem.

From physical fitness support through parking space reservation systems to holiday vouchers – the list of employee benefits and perks is almost endless and this surely will continue in the near future.

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