Reducing the Size of a Company Car Park

Having a decent size car park is a must if you want your business to be competitive. It is important for both employees as well as contractors and guests who visit your site. However, many companies struggle with limited parking space. This is particularly visible in terms of businesses located in bigger office complexes in city centres – as new offices open in the building, the number of parking spaces designated for other companies automatically lowers.

Why reduce a company car park?

An insufficient number of parking spaces is one of the biggest obstacles each business needs to face. The lack of parking spaces close to the company entrance can be a decisive factor for many job candidates. Nowadays, many employees are long-distance commuters and free parking spaces are one of their priorities while looking for a new job. However, there are some situations in which the size of a company car park needs to be reduced. This can be established by the owner of a property in which the office is located. What is more, some companies, especially in the times of the emerging coronavirus crisis, seek ways to save money and hiring a car park can really prove to be expensive.

How to increase the functionality of a car park?

Reckless drivers who park their cars however they sit fit are the biggest struggle of today’s car parks. The lack of order, cars crossing parking lines or taking more than one parking space can really reduce the capacity of even the biggest car parks. However, there are some modern solutions that can increase their efficiency. We can find parking reservation systems as well as surveillance cameras among them.

Proper optimization of space

Even the best and the most innovative technologies won’t help if your parking lot is poorly designed. In many cases, some simple space optimization can really make a difference. Take a minute to consider which changes you can introduce to the car park structure. Sometimes it is possible to find space to create additional parking spaces or safely rearrange the space to make it more capacious.  If you rent a car park, remember that each and every adjustment should be approved by its owner.


Installing surveillance cameras is one of the most important steps that you can take in order to convince your car park users to park their cars by the book. When people see CCTV motoring they are automatically more careful. Thanks to surveillance cameras, you can easily find cars that block parking spaces or a driveway. You can also spot some challenges that car parks users may have while using it.

License plate recognition system

An automatic license plate recognition system is one of the most reliable and cost-effective ways in which you can reduce traffic at your company car park. This solution can grant access to parking only to those who have been previously registered in the system. This means that no unauthorized cars are allowed to enter the parking space. Similarly to CCTV, the system can bring you insights into your employees’ parking habits. You can use this data to improve and optimize space. Additionally, such systems can be integrated with Parkalot so that gates open automatically for people who have a reservation for a given day. Contact us for more details about API and integration with hardware.

Parking booking app

CCTV and license plate recognition are used to control the actual traffic, reduce bad habits and limit the number of cars that use the car park. There is also one interesting solution that helps you design the parking traffic well in advance. Parking booking apps such as Parkalot enable your employees to book individual parking spaces. This way each of them knows where exactly to park their car. The app improves car park organization – no empty spaces between cars are left and its capacity increases.

We hope that now you know how to optimize your car park and which moderns solutions can help you manage it. If you struggle with a limited number of parking spaces, don’t fear new technologies. Install CCTV, a parking booking app or other useful software. Give it a try and get rid of your troubles once and for all. You can also contact us for more details about API and integration with hardware.

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