How to cut commuting costs

With the constantly increasing prices of car fuel, the cost of commuting to work by private cars is rising continuously. Not surprisingly, the high costs of commuting are known to be one of the most common reasons why employees, especially those who need to travel long distances, ask for a raise. There are several ways in which you can reduce the commuting expenses of your staff and at the same time promote more eco-friendly solutions that reduce the exhaust fumes generated by individual cars.

Carpool incentive program

The convenience of using a car to get to work is incomparable to other possible means of transport. But who said that each employee has to commute in their car? Introducing a carpool incentive program is a great way to reduce the number of vehicles that come to the office and significantly cut commuting costs. The incentives within the program may include reducing the cost of parking, free parking, priority parking spaces or reward programs.

If you want to assign priority parking spots to people who carpool to work, introduce Parkalot – a parking space booking app. This intuitive system for parking space reservations enables you to set priorities for its users so that some of them can benefit from better parking spaces.

You can also check out Poola – our carpooling app which easily connects drivers with colleagues wanting to catch a ride.


Healthy lifestyle promotion

It is no secret that a healthy employee is a better employee. So why not promote a healthy lifestyle which goes hand in hand with reduced commuting costs? Going to work on foot or by bike is a great way to get in shape and feel an energetic boost before entering the office. Just like in the case of commuting, you can offer your staff the incentive program that promotes people who combine travelling to work with physical activity.


Do your employees have to always be physically present at work? Perhaps they can work from the office for only part of the work week? Only one day a week spent at home reduces the costs of commuting by 20%. Isn’t this a substantial saving?

The promotion of electric cars

Another way to promote an eco-friendly lifestyle is the promotion of electric cars. Although such cars are more expensive than regular ones, the cost of driving them is even up to several times cheaper than in terms of fuel. Locating electric car chargers at your company car park is a great way to promote electric engines among employees.

Manage your parking area

The problem of high traffic doesn’t only concern streets, but also car parks. If a significant number of employees begin their office day at the same hour, they all arrive at once at the car park and look for available parking spots, causing traffic jams. A parking space booking application can reduce this problem. After booking a particular parking space, the employee goes directly to the place they leave their car. They don’t need to traverse the entire parking area to find a free spot. Therefore, the consumption of fuel is reduced and the amount of exhaust fumes gathered at a parking lot drops.

Petrol discounts

Some petrol providers offer special discount cards for companies that you can distribute to your employees. Although the discounts are rather nominal, the regular use of a card can bring noticeable savings in the longer perspective. 


Although the cost of commutes seems to continuously increase, there are several ways in which you can cut it. Introducing a parking space booking app and incentive schemes promoting electric cars, carpooling and coming to work by foot or bike, can save you from complaints your staff may have regarding high fuel prices.

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