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Get the Parkalot Parking Management Solution platform with complete implementation and premium support in one package.

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What does Parkalot EXPERT offer 

Parking management platform

  • Parking management solution
  • Parking reservation solution
  • Secure, reliable and scalable cloud hosting
  • Web application (works on all devices)

Full implementation

  • Analysis of your company’s needs
  • Solution design & proposal
  • Platform configuration
  • Training for the administrator
  • Pilot with a test group

Premium support

  • Premium support for 6 months
  • Priority in solving issues
  • Trainings for new administrators

Example of Implementation 

Parking problems

The customer is a well established company, based in the UK with offices all around the country. In one of their regional offices, the workplace parking couldn’t simultaneously fit all of their employees’ vehicles. In addition to this, the company’s headquarters are often visited by employees from other company offices and, as part of business trip organization, parking is another thing that especially needs to be taken care of, knowing that this may be a problem. Previously, the parking was semi-manually managed by the administrative staff. However, this approach did not work entirely well, because it was a time-consuming solution and, furthermore it required many, sometimes unjust, judgments which often resulted in a “race after parking places”.


To solve our customer’s problem, we did not only deliver a parking reservation platform, as we also worked together to analyse the company’s needs and define reservation rules in the application. How was this organized? Employees were split into 5 groups, based on commuting alternatives and other factors. Group 1 can book a spot 1 time per week, group 2 can book 2 times per week and so on. This was a test conducted across a group of 20 users. After a successful pilot with this group, the solution was deployed to the whole office.


  • Users don’t race to grab as many spots as possible, rather picking the days they prefer.
  • An average session in the application takes 17 seconds.
  • We handle 2 parking lots within the campus.
  • Because parking space is precious, users receive an additional email reminder the day before so, if something changes, they can cancel the reservation and give way to someone else.

User Reviews 

“Very lightweight and easy to use.”
Michal Czernek Office administrator Primer Systems

Meet your EXPERT 

Hello, nice to meet you! My name is Łukasz Patecki and I’m the head developer of Parkalot. I created this platform due to the parking problems I encountered in my previous workplaces. Since then, I’ve helped over 20 companies to implement Parkalot and tailor it to their specific parking lots. We will work together to analyse your company’s needs and come up with the best solution.

Parkalot EXPERT Pricing 

custom one time fee
  • Analysis of your company’s needs
  • Training for the administrator
  • Solution design & proposal
  • Pilot with a test group
  • Platform configuration
  • Premium support for 6 months
+ monthly fee for the parking management platform, according to the
size of your business (from $14.99 to $99.99)

small business

$14,99 /month

Up to 25 users

large business

$99,99 /month

Up to 600 users