Are you having parking problems?

Workplace parking can be a nightmare, but we know how to fix it.

Assigned but empty spots

Spots are often left empty when assigned to a particular person, even while others are willing to use them.

Disappointing mornings

A first-come, first-served approach leads to situations where those who really need one, can’t find a parking spot. Besides this, people don’t know in advance whether to go by car or choose a different means of transport.

Bad parkers

Bad parkers are present everywhere and some just don’t care about others and will park in a way that blocks a nearby spot or will take a spot that wasn’t theirs.

How does Parkalot solve parking problems?

Creating a parking lot

Office manager creates a parking with 50 spots and sends invitation to all his colleagues.

Assigning spots

He assigns 2 spots to the management team, 4 more to Elly, Lisa, Tom and David, who commute from far suburbs. All of them have to confirm their reservations before 9:00 PM the day before.

Confirming usage of assigned spots

It’s 8:30 PM. Elly, Tom and 1 of the managers have confirmed their reservations. It looks like others are either on business trips or working from home. 3 places will go back to the shared pool.

Making reservations

At 9:30 PM, there are 47 places available for all other members. They book them with a single click in the Parkalot app.

Fully utilized parking

By 10:15 PM, all parking spots are booked. While not everyone managed to get one, it’s good they know about it in advance. Now, they can plan to go by public transport, or choose any other alternative parking.

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