HOAs Parking Lots 

What problems does Parkalot solve at HOAs parking 

Usually, the number of houses is the priority, not parking spaces, which can be reduced to an absolute minimum. This creates conflicts between homeowners and many parking problems, especially when parking on the street isn’t allowed. But it can be easily solved.

Residents car registration

Common parking area rules violations

Chaos on guest parking

How can Parkalot change your parking 

Simple resident car registration 

All residents invited to the app have to add their registration plate number before they can start reserving parking spaces. The details they have to provide can be easily customized to your needs.

Violations can be immediately reported 

If a resident sees an unfamiliar car or a car parked in a way that blocks neighbouring parking spaces on the common parking area, he or she can easily report it through the app to the parking administrator.

Parking spots are always available for visitors 

Managing the guest parking is especially challenging, but not with Parkalot. Residents who expect visitors can mark their assigned visitor spot, which only needs to be booked when they really need it, while adding details of the visitor’s vehicle. If they don’t confirm the reservation, the guest spot becomes available for other residents’ guests.

Clear reporting 

Data regarding parking usage can be easily exported. You will be able to see how each resident uses their parking resources and make informative decisions.

Solve your parking chaos 

Without spending thousands of dollars

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