Parkalot is a parking management system that allows for setting up parking rules and assigning parking spots, allowing users to make reservations and report parking violations.

Parkalot was developed for workplace environments, but we are working on customizing it for HOAs and campus parking lots. If you need implementation for another purpose, just let us know at admin@parkalot.io.

With Parkalot, you can transform your parking from one of inefficient usage, lack of fair rules and an uncooperative parking culture to parking that’s utilized 100% in the best way possible. Learn more about the specific problems we solve for workplace, HOAs and campus parking lots.

We’ve prepared an example use scenario to make it as clear as possible. You can find it here. If you have more questions, feel free to let us know.

No, Parkalot is a web application. All you need to access it is an electronic device connected to the internet.

No, Parkalot can be set up by anyone at your organization. In case of any troubles, you can always contact our support team through our app.

No and that’s the beauty of it. All you need is any type of an electronic device connected to the internet and a person who will fulfill the role of parking administrator.

Setting up parking rules, parking spots and inviting users shouldn’t take longer than 30 minutes for small companies.

This depends on the subscription plan you have chosen. For small business plan, this is up to 25, for medium up to 150 and for large businesses we offer unlimited user accounts.

Our test period lasts 30 days. If you are a member of a non-profit organization, you can contact us for a free or discounted account.

We are constantly developing our app, so if you need a custom solution, feel free to contact us. We can schedule a Skype call to talk through all your needs.

Just use our live chat or drop us a line here: admin@parkalot.io.

Please review the troubleshooting section on our website. If this doesn’t solve your problem feel free to contact us.


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