10 of the most irritating things at work

When you spend eight hours a day at the office, even the less significant distractions may turn out to be frustrating. In today’s article, we will focus on 10 of the most irritating things that you may experience in the office and while commuting to work.

1: Spending hours in traffic

If you have a regular nine-to-five job, there is a great chance that you regularly get stuck in traffic jams. Unfortunately, most employees experience this inconvenience daily as it is hard to deal with. Flexible working hours and parking space booking software can speed up commuting but they are still not that popular.

2: Eating in the office

Although all offices are equipped with kitchens where staff can chill out and eat their lunch in peace, there are always some employees who prefer eating in front of a computer screen. Does the nasty sound of chewing or the obnoxious smell of food make you feel sick? Get over it!

3: Private phone conversation

Imagine that you have an important task to do and one of your colleagues is constantly talking on the phone and interrupting you. To make matter worse, they are not discussing work-related issues but having a personal conversation. Wouldn’t you be upset?

4: Loud typing

This may sound ridiculous, but typing can be a huge distractor. When you are new in the office and want to perform your tasks in the best possible way, you usually pay attention to all distractors that make focusing hard. This may include loud typing, the loud ticking of the clock and other seemingly minor sounds.

5: Negative approach

A negative approach can quickly spread around. When one of your colleagues is in a bad mood, an unfriendly atmosphere can quickly dominate the office. This is why you should never complain and express your dissatisfaction at work in public.

6: Talkative colleagues

We all need a break from time to time, but the general purpose of going to work is actually to work, not to chat with others. This seems to be hard to understand for many sociable and talkative employees.

7: Poor hygiene

The general awareness of proper hygiene is increasing all the time. There are, however, still some employees who seem not to care about this. Using the toilet without washing your hands or shaking someone’s hand (that is not washed) is gross!

8: Showing up late

If punctuality is something that you appreciate? Looking at employees who show up late for work can be frustrating. Fortunately, their excuses for being late are usually connected with finding a free parking spot. This can now be easily handled with the introduction of a parking reservation app.

9: Swearing

Being nervous is normal and, understandably, each of us needs to swear from time to time. However, chronic swearing is something unacceptable at work. It may easily spoil the atmosphere and put the rest of the staff in a bad mood.

10: Being sick at work

We all know that going to work sick is irresponsible behaviour. However, there are still some reckless employees who seem to not care about the health of their colleagues. There is nothing worse than spending the entire day in the office with people who are constantly coughing, sneezing and complaining about how bad they are feeling. This is not only irritating but can also be dangerous!

How to deal with irritation at work?

We have quickly gone through the 10 the most irritating things that most employees experience at work. Although many of them seem to be inevitable, there are some which can be easily limited. This includes, among others, problems with long commuting time, which can be solved with the introduction of flexible working hours or troubles with finding a place to park your car, which can now be reduced to a minimum with Parkalot, the parking space booking system for companies.

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