Company car park – one of the most desirable employee benefits

78% of workers would likely remain with their employer because of the benefits they offer, survey shows (WTW).


As the labor market continues to tighten, companies focus on offering wide benefit packages to attract and retain high quality staff. This is not only an employer’s moral obligation to provide such benefits, but mainly is perceived as an effective way of gaining competitive advantage in a business. 

A competitive compensation is no longer only about “pay”. It includes various benefits and perks that the talented job seekers value, such as private medical insurance, home working and paid time off.

More and more often workplace parking is seen as one of the most appreciated benefits of employment since the great majority of people still commute to work by car. Free-parking availability and lack of mobility issues are serious factors considered whether the one is to decide to take on or stay on the job. 

Access to an onsite employer’s parking is coveted especially in the areas where parking spaces are limited and street parking is not an option. But, in the first place, it minimizes the timekeeping problems, employee dissatisfaction, conflicts and staff tension at work.  

All right, it seems obvious that an easy access to a company car park and straight parking rules may play a vital role in delivering a better employee experience. What if the company car park is not big enough and there is no parking space for everyone? Granting a few parking lots does not need to be a daunting challenge. 

The key is to assess the company parking needs and manage available parking spaces wisely. Most businesses are lacking of effective parking management strategy and struggle with wasteful occupancy of parking space and extensive parking cost.

Imagine that there is a simple parking problem solution where you can assign spaces to some of your workers or give them priority to park as a way of noticing their engagement. Furthermore, the assigned lots may still be returned to the shared parking pool while their owners go on vacation or work from home. The employees are notified about free parking spaces availability a day before. This way everyone can plan their journey ahead.

Parkalot, the workplace parking management system, has significantly improved parking space real-time data availability for employees. The companies which adopted the solution argued that their car parks turned out to be much more flexible and utilized than ever before. 

Parkalot has effectively eased the pain of parking space provision as part of a company benefit package. Not surprisingly, it has been recognized as invaluable tool to underpin the organization’s ability to offer and maintain the parking space benefit.