Be eco-friendly: promote electric cars at the workplace

The amount of exhaust fumes and other kinds of pollution hidden in the air is growing all the time, and this can be harmful to both us and the planet. The damage to the natural environment caused by humans is serious, therefore, we should do everything in our power to promote green solutions. In today’s article, we will focus on electric cars, their benefits and the ways in which you can promote them among your employees.

Battery electric cars

As you probably know, an electric car is a kind of vehicle propelled by electricity, usually one or more batteries. In comparison to regular fuel-propelled cars, the electric ones are quieter, don’t generate any exhaust fumes and their maintenance is usually much cheaper as there are fewer components that can break down. However, despite these significant advantages, there are also some drawbacks. These include a high initial price of the car as well as a limited number of chargers available for electric car owners.

How to promote electric cars?

Although the price of electric cars is relatively high, it is certainly worth the investment. Charging your car with electricity is less expensive than fuel and in many places, you can enjoy some additional benefits, e.g., there are some cities that offer free parking for electric car owners. You, as an employer, can also do a number of things that can encourage your employees to give up fuel-propelled cars. Check out our proposals!

Be the role model

The best way for you to promote electric cars in the office is to have one. Remember that in order to efficiently set trends, you should be treated as a role model. This means that you should also have your private electric car so that your employees can see that you care for the natural environment.

Introduce company electric cars

We used to fear the unknown – that’s a fact. This is why introducing company cars that are electric is a great way to get your employees accustomed to this kind of vehicle. When travelling in an electric car at work, they can see the difference it offers and maybe feel the need to use such a car in their private life.

Prioritize employees with electric cars

Another great way to promote being eco-friendly at work is to reward employees who decide to go green. You can do this in a number of ways and by using different incentives. Introducing a parking space reservation system is a great idea here as this multifunctional tool can increase the quality of corporate life.

Parkalot, our software for parking space booking, is an intuitive mobile application that offers a number of features, from allowing your staff to book parking spaces to reporting unwanted parking behaviours. What is more, the app allows you to set priorities, meaning you can select employees who can book their parking spaces before anyone else. You can also choose some of the best spaces, e.g., close to the office entrance or in the underground parking lot, and assign them to electric car owners.

Equip the parking lot with chargers

Commuting to work for free is now possible with electric cars. How is that? More and more eco-friendly employers are now offering free charging stations on the parking lots to their staff. This means that employees don’t have to pay to charge up their cars and they are able to perform the procedure during business hours. Therefore, equipping your parking space with at least a few chargers is a must if you want to see your employees change to electric cars.

 By introducing facilities for electric car owners, you can encourage your staff to adopt a more eco-friendly approach. Giving them charging stations or prioritizing them with the use of a parking space booking app are only a few examples of the actions that you can take.

If you’d like to introduce Parkalot – our car park management app – in your company, please contact us at or book an onboarding call.Start using Parkalot in an hour. Allow your colleagues to commute by car, and park on the parking spaces assigned to those who are working from home.