Schedule is the screen that’s most frequently used by administrators. It allows Admins and Editors to see the reservation status on the whole car park in real-time. They can also manage reservations and add guests.

Browsing mode.

By default, this screen is in browsing mode. You can choose the time period that you’d like to view, and filter for specific spaces.

Edition options.

After clicking ‘Edit’ in the top right corner, you can see buttons for different actions. From left to right:

  • Release lets you release someone’s parking space on a given day. It’s useful when an owner of a parking space goes on vacation and forgets to do this by themselves.
  • Reset day allows returning chosen space at a selected time to its default state. For example, if a space owner released his space by accident and someone took it, resetting that space will remove the reservation and grant it back to the owner.
  • Remove reservations is a bit different than Release. You can delete every reservation, including the ones assigned to guests.
  • Assign to user and Assign to guest – explained in the section below.
  • Visible days lets you choose the period visible on this screen.

Manually assigning spaces.

To assign spaces to users or guests, first select some reservation timeslots.

Press Shift and click on two cells to select a range of days.

Next, click on Assign to user or Assign to guest. When assigning a space to a guest, you can either pick a guest from the list of previous visitors or add a new one.

The name in parentheses tells you which administrator has added that guest.

Similarly, if you want to assign spaces to a user, choose them from the list.

Reservations should appear instantly, but releases can be marked as ‘pending’ for a short while.

Remember that you can always contact us when you need help!