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Solve parking chaos in just a few clicks.

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Are you having workplace parking problems?

Assigned but empty spots

Even 30% of parking spots are unused due to lack of information about their availability and fixed assignment rules (e.g. based on seniority).

First-come, first-served

Such approach leads to situations where those who really need one, can’t find a parking spot. Besides this, people don’t know in advance whether to go by car or choose a different means of transport.

Unfair parking rules

Many employees are not allowed to access the company parking which leads to lower morale and additional stress.

… and many more

Meet Parkalot

Parkalot is a web application for managing your company parking. Set up parking rules and invite other employees to manage their parking spaces online. Use it on all devices and screen resolutions!

How Does It Work?

Create a parking lot

  • Define parking spaces
  • Set up reservation rules
  • Invite users

Invite other employees

  • Reserve parking spots
  • Manage assigned parking spots

Manage parking space

  •  Set different priorities for users
  • Manage reserved spots
  • Manage user accounts


Manage parking chaos

Get full visibility and real-time information about your parking occupancy and assign spots to the people who need them the most.

Utilize 100% of your parking

Are your employees frustrated that they were told to leave their car at home, even though half of the parking is empty? With Parkalot, your parking will be utilized 100%.

Cut cost

By allowing users to make the most of any available space in the company parking lot, employee’s aren’t forced to find alternative parking solutions. Also, there is no hardware necessary. All you need to start using the app in your company is a computer or a mobile device with access to the internet.

Scalable & reliable solution

Parkalot is built entirely on top of the Google Cloud Services - a secure, reliable and scalable cloud hosting solution.

Our Users

We have many happy customers from the Fortune 500 Companies list.

Your savings

monthly estimated savings in USD


Australia - Sydney- Small Business


UK - Liverpool - Medium Business

  • parking space cost – $150
  • spaces 70, parking cost – $10.500
  • 20% time unused, savings – $2.100


US - Baltimore- Large Business


Small business

$19 per month
  • Up to 30 users
  • Unlimited parkings places
  • Technical support

Large Business

$159per month
  • Up to 300 users
  • Unlimited parkings places
  • Priority technical support

Do you need a custom offer? Try Parkalot Expert

We offer:

custom plans up to 11.000 users in a single location

multi company deployments - campus-wide/ building-wide

SLAs, custom integrations, and more...

Pricing - check special offer below the pricing table

Small business

$79.99per month
  • Up to 50 users
  • Unlimited parkings places
  • Technical support

Large Business

$299.99per month
  • Up to 300 users
  • Unlimited parkings places
  • Technical support

Autumn Special Offer for Oct 18 - Oct 23

Create your test account (Oct 18 - Oct 23) using the form on the left, and receive a lifetime discount!

  • $79 $49 – small business
    – 38% off!

  • $149 $99 – medium business
    – 50% off!

  • $299 $199 – large business
    – 33% off!