Reckless driving in parking lots – how to reduce it 

When thinking about reckless drivers, we often imagine people who exceed the speed limit, overtake other vehicles in forbidden places or perform unsafe driving manoeuvres on roads. However, the recklessness of drivers is also frequently visible in parking lots. Is there a way to control irresponsible drivers who enter the parking zone? What can we do to limit the number of poorly parked cars? How can new technologies, such as plate recognition and parking space booking systems be useful?

Causes of reckless driving in parking lots

Parking lots are places where we can find many distractors. While focusing on finding a free parking space, we usually don’t pay enough attention and, as a result, we may be involved in a bump or even an accident. One of the most common sources of parking crashes are smartphones – talking, texting, taking pictures, emailing, using social media or GPS systems account for many accidents. Some other reasons for reckless driving may also include chatting with other passengers or being in a hurry.

The most common examples of recklessness

The majority of accidents on parking lots are caused by not paying attention, e.g., when a driver does not stop at a stop sign. There are also some incidents that result from a restricted field of view, especially when the car is moving forward, for instance, while leaving a parking spot. In recent times, parking accidents with pedestrians are becoming more and more common. They are usually caused by reckless drivers who collide with reckless pedestrians using their smartphones while walking.

Technology – the source of the remedy for reckless driving?

As we have already said, many car park accidents are caused by people using their smartphones. However, modern technology is not only the source of problems in parking lots, but in many cases also a remedy. How is that possible? Many modern systems and devices are meant to give the owners of parking lots more control over their users. This is particularly helpful in crowded spaces where finding a free parking space is difficult.

Here are some of the most popular technologies currently used in parking lots:

  • Plate recognition system – This kind of system is especially useful at paid parking lots. When connected with parking ticket payment machines, the system allows vehicles to leave the parking lot without presenting the ticket. The system is also useful for closed parking lots, preventing unwanted visitors from entering. 
  • Vehicle detection sensors – This kind of technology is now becoming omnipresent. Colourful illuminations pointing at free parking spaces facilitate moving around the parking lot. They also reduce the amount of exhaust fumes.
  • Parking space booking system – Mobile applications for drivers are still a novelty. When it comes to closed parking lots, e.g., workplace parking lots, this kind of software may turn out to be useful. With a parking booking app, users are able to pick a parking space in advance, which makes commuting much more convenient.
  • Real-time monitoring with alerts – All technologies mentioned above are meant to make the lives of drivers easier. There are also some modern systems which are made for parking hosts. They include intelligent CCTVs with cameras that are able to track reckless drivers and send appropriate notifications to the parking guards.
  • Intelligent statistics – Thanks to CCTV or booking apps, parking lot owners are also able to get detailed statistics which concern the flow of vehicles throughout the day. Analyzing patterns and trends, the system can predict increased parking demand and prepare for higher traffic.

The growing popularity of modern technologies in parking lots, e.g., parking space reservation systems or smart cameras, can revolutionize the way parking lots look. We may predict that these technologies will surely grow in popularity in the future, reducing the number of reckless drivers causing parking accidents.

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