How to attract people to coworking space 

Coworking spaces have been present on the labour market for several years and they are still gaining popularity. Although they won’t probably replace traditional offices, they are a great alternative for all freelancers and people working from home who want to change the working environment. If you own or manage coworking space, keep in mind that attracting new clients to your business can be a struggle at first. However, there are several things that you can do to encourage clients to select hot desk rental at your place.

What makes coworking spaces so popular these days?

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a big shift in our working practices and habits. Even though at the beginning it seemed to be unreal to have offices with remote employees only, many companies gave up their brick-and-mortar offices and today all their staff members work from home. What is more, many people from different industries, such as hospitality and gastronomy, were forced to change their career path, choosing freelance work over full-time employment.

As a result, many employees started working from home. Although for some of them such a solution seems to be very convenient as they don’t have to waste time commuting, there are also some who complain about it. The most common inconveniences include difficulties in establishing a healthy work-life balance, lack of peace and silence at home, feeling of being lonely and unable to socialize. Renting a desk at a coworking space seems to be a solution to fight all these obstacles.

How to convince freelancers to select your coworking space?

Coworking spaces pop up and disappear. Some of them are besieged by remote employees and freelancers, while others seem to always be empty. If you struggle with finding people looking for easy hotdesking, discover how to attract new customers.

Free trial

Allow your future clients to spend the entire day in your office space for free. It is the best way to show them how your venue works and what they can expect from it. 

Different packages

What makes remote and freelance work unusual is that it gives much liberty. Your clients can have different needs in terms of how many hours and days a week they want to spend in coworking space. What is more, some of them will be just fine with a desk, comfortable chair, and internet access, while others may need more – a small room to work in or a meeting room where they can invite their business partners from time to time. This is why you should prepare several membership options to make the choice easier for them.

Conference room rental

You are also likely to meet clients who are not interested in sharing common space with other remote workers but want to have a professional meeting room where they can talk with their clients, organize training or give presentations. Just listen to the needs of people and try to be flexible in terms of your services.


In many cases, perks can become a decisive factor while choosing a coworking space. Free pizza or snacks, attractive discounts, or free parking spaces with easy reservations through a parking spot booking app will certainly make your venue more attractive.


Is there a better way to encourage people to use your services than to host an event and invite them to participate in it? Probably not. You can, for instance, organize exciting thematic workshops for both members and non-members. This way you will become a part of the community and people will start noticing you.


Don’t forget to promote your company both on the internet and locally. Put your logo on the building, launch a website, create a Facebook profile, and list your coworking space on Google My Business. Consider running a paid online marketing campaign. 

Coworking space is a great business idea to implement. However, in order to succeed, you should always do everything that you can to attract your clients. If you want to provide them with parking facilities, try out Parkalot – our intuitive parking management system that enables your clients to book parking spaces easily and with no effort.

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