A Parking Space Booking App – Application in Practice

Parking management systems, including parking space booking applications, can be found more and more often at different types of car parks – from small company car parks to indoor car parks located next to skyscrapers or university campuses. If you are interested in this technology, and you are wondering whether it is suitable for your parking area, read our article and discover some of the most common examples of car park types using reservation systems.

What types of car parks are parking space booking apps meant for?

Parking booking applications have been designed with the intention to enhance the functioning of car parks. They are meant for all outdoor and indoor parking areas that are regularly used by the same group of drivers who don’t have designated parking spaces. Such systems are therefore ideal for office buildings, university campuses and housing estates with parking lots.

Business car parks

Introducing a parking space booking system at a business car park may serve a variety of different functions. Most importantly, a parking app enhances the functioning of a car park, reduces traffic and the amount of exhaust fumes, as well as ensures a smoother car flow. Nevertheless, there are also many additional benefits of such a system, and the majority of them are related to employees’ well-being in the broad sense. Many employers treat parking space booking systems as a kind of reward for good performance or as an efficient motivator, e.g. employees who perform best can be assigned better parking spaces for a limited time.

Car parks at university campuses

College and university car parks are one of these kinds of places that require individual solutions. Huge parking areas located at campuses are usually meant to serve professors and students from different faculties that are not always located too close to one another. The introduction of a parking app can therefore make it easier for both students and university staff to find parking spots close to the building they actually spend time in. Thanks to the possibility of defining priorities by a parking administrator, it is possible to make bookings available only to professors in the first order and to students in the second order. What is more, many popular desk booking apps provide users with accident reporting, which makes it easier to handle collisions in big parking areas.

HOAs car parks

There are many residential buildings in which the number of flats and people with cars exceeds the availability of parking spaces. Easy parking management with a parking booking app is also possible in such cases. Thanks to the system, homeowner associations that are responsible for managing the parking area can offer residents easy and intuitive parking booking facilities which enable them to reserve parking spaces for themselves and their visitors. Such a solution allows you to control how residents use their car park. What is more, the system allows car park users to report violations, e.g. poorly parked cars, so that the HOA can always keep the parking area in a safe condition.

These were only several examples of where parking space booking software can be used. If you want to learn more about this innovative solution, discover Parkalot – a state-of-the-art application that makes parking a hassle-free experience. The system allows not only for parking space booking, but it also has a variety of other very practical functions, such as violation reporting or the provision of detailed statistics concerning car park occupancy at particular times.

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