Office work in the times of the pandemic

The world of work has changed significantly since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. Prolonged lockdowns and restrictions introduced in many countries have forced employees to temporarily show down their businesses or shift to office work. In such conditions, hiring big offices is not cost-effective for many companies. As a result, they are looking for compromises. The most natural of them is to move to a smaller office.

Problems connected to smaller offices

In the times of the pandemic, each and every office should be arranged in a special way, e.g., employees should be able to keep a distance from one another. This means that you need more space to arrange comfortable and safe working conditions for your employees. If you then decide to hire a smaller office that is, for instance, twice as small as the previous one, in reality, it can accommodate much fewer employees. The problem of limited space can also concern some other common spaces, such as bathrooms, kitchen and even a parking lot. The problem with the latter can be easily solved thanks to a parking space booking app.

How to organize office work during the pandemic?

Although many problems concerning the organization of work during the times of the COVID-19 pandemic seem to be impossible to solve, you can follow some easy tricks to deal with them. Remember that you are not alone! There are many more other company owners and managers who are experiencing the same situation. As many of the problems are global, more and more modern solutions are appearing on the market. The most popular of them include advanced conferencing software, employee management systems, parking apps and some modern communication tools.

We have prepared a short list of the most useful ones. Let’s see how you can improve the functioning of your company.

Remote working software

Many companies which moved to smaller offices had to introduce remote work. However, a laptop is not the only thing an employee needs to perform their duties, especially when it comes to teamwork. They also need appropriate software that allows them to easily communicate and share files. Many of them may also need access to the company’s external hard drives, which are usually available if the computer is out of the office. 

Workplace management software

When employees are physically present in the office, it is easy to control what they do. If they laze around and avoid working, the manager will surely notice it. The control over employees is much more difficult when they work from home. If they don’t have any specific goal and tasks to fulfil, they may not be properly focused on work. To make things easier for them, we can install a workplace management software that will organize their work.

Conferencing software

The pandemic has altered not only the way employees work, but also some corporate habits. Many companies gave up personal meetings in favour of online conferencing. However, if you want to be perceived as a serious partner, you need to keep up with the latest trends in video calling. Therefore, you should install and provide your staff with some popular tools that foster high-quality communication between companies.

Parking app

A parking app is something that will help you organize work in a new place. This is particularly useful if you had to move to a smaller office where the number of parking spaces is limited. Thanks to applications such as Parkalot you can guarantee your employees that they will be able to commute by car and park in the company car park. It will help them save time and calm their nerves.

We hope that we have managed to convince you that new technology can help you go through this difficult time. Follow the lead of other companies and benefit from innovative solutions as much as possible. 

If you’d like to introduce Parkalot in your company, please contact us at or book an onboarding call.Start using Parkalot in an hour. Allow your colleagues to commute by car, and park on the parking spaces assigned to those who are working from home.