Managing stress in the workplace

It is said that stress is a silent killer of employees’ health. As the pace of life is constantly on the rise and companies are requiring staff to be more and more productive, stress is common in today’s offices. If an employee frequently becomes nervous, it can make focusing more difficult, therefore their work efficiency decreases, and that is not all! People who live under a lot of strain are much more prone to accidents in and outside the workplace. If you also suspect that your employees may live under constant pressure, check out the easiest and the most efficient ways to deal with stress in the workplace!

Workplace stress and its symptoms

For many employees work is something more than just a simple obligation. People who are ambitious, industrious and like having things under control, are likely to suffer from stress if anything goes not as planned. The feeling of nervousness and panic can be exacerbated by some unpredictable constraints, competition or excessive demands. All of this can potentially cause stress, and its effects may be detrimental to both an employee and an employer. Absenteeism, escaping from work responsibilities, memory loss, easily becoming irritated, arguing, excessive smoking… These are the most common symptoms of workplace stress. If you want to prevent them, you need to do your best to make your team feel valued.

Strategies for managing employee stress

If you are worried that your employees may feel stressed at work, avoid putting unreasonable or excessive pressure on them. What is meant by you as a booster or motivator, can in fact be the opposite! Always keep in mind that prolonged exposure to a stressful environment can cause people to break, and when it happens, things are unlikely to go back to normal quickly. To prevent this, think of some possible strategies that you can introduce in your company to make employees feel more relaxed and secure. Consider organizing a game room, installing a parking app or just giving your team much freedom.

Grant them more independence

Each and every employee has their own style of working. While some of them get to work right after entering the office, some others may need a few minutes to rest, drink coffee and plan a daily schedule. This doesn’t mean that the latter is less productive or unwilling to work. It is just a matter of character and individual preferences. Let your employees work at their own pace and don’t disturb them. Avoid lecturing them, since this can turn out to be a real anti-booster!

Think of some modern solution for office organization

In today’s world, office work can be done from anywhere. If an employee works in the same conditions, always meeting the same people and sitting in the same place for many months or even years in a row without longer breaks, instead of being a challenge, going to work becomes a habit. There are, however, some modern solution that can let you change it, with remote work in the first order. Working from home or any other place in the world can change the employee’s perspective and recharge their batteries. Introducing flexible working hours is also a popular choice.

Reduce stress outside work

Going to work is a complex multistage process that usually requires getting up early, commuting, spending several hours in the office, going back home and winding down after a hard day. That is why it is important to understand that employee stress can have its sources in all these stages. If an employee needs to get up 15 or 20 minutes earlier to find a free parking space close to the office, something is not right here. Fortunately, with the Parkalot parking booking software, this problem can be easily reduced so that employees will never have to be stressed in the morning ever again.

Organize some after-work activities

A source of stress in many employees is fear, e.g., about getting fired, criticized or simply underestimated. But you don’t need to be perceived as an evil boss. Entering into interactions with your team will allow them to get to know you better and therefore be more open to talking about their fears and concerns. Organize a corporate bowling party or just invite your team to the bar, to make them feel more comfortable with you.

We hope that now you know how important it is to reduce stress in the workplace. Go for modern technologies, e.g., introduce remote work or benefit from a parking booking app, to create a less stressful working environment and boost productivity at the same time.

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