What problems can arise from an insufficient number of parking spaces 

The number of cars that we use on a regular basis is growing exponentially. Only a few years ago, most families had only one car. In today’s world, there are more and more households in which all adult family members have their own four-wheel vehicles. Although driving to work or university on your own is enjoyable, it can also lead to several problems. One of the most common of them involves difficulties in finding available parking spaces in a convenient location, e.g., close to the workplace.

No free parking spaces means lots of conflicts

Imagine that you get up as usual to get to work on time. Unfortunately, something unexpected happens on your way to work, e.g., traffic is much heavier than usual, there is a car accident on the road or one red light after another stops you from smooth driving. All of this makes you late for work. When you finally arrive at your destination, it turns out that there is no free parking space to leave your car in sight. You become nervous and have to waste precious time searching for a place to leave your car. A 5-minute delay turns into half an hour, and now you’re fully aggravated. You are not only a latecomer who needs to work after hours, but also you’ve lost all of your motivation. Could things get any worse?

Whose fault was that?

Now imagine that you are an office owner or manager and your employees are often late for work because of troubles with parking their cars. Of course, you have your own private parking space, so the problem does not concern you. Nevertheless, you can observe several negative consequences of an insufficient parking area.

Read on to check out whether they also concern your staff and discover how to fight them.

Negative attitude towards other employees

Being unable to find an available parking space may lead to deep frustration. An employee who gets nervous at the beginning of a day, even before they start working, is more likely to become irritated at work. They may be less willing to cooperate with others, or their attitude towards other employees may leave much to be desired.

Lack of motivation

Starting a day by getting nervous can also deprive your staff of motivation and weaken their performance at work. Employees who are stressed out often can’t develop their maximum work efficiency as they are internally blocked by their negative attitude.

Frequent home office

The home office seems to be a perfect solution to parking problems. However, there are some employees who tend to overuse their right to work from home. If you don’t mind your staff working remotely on a regular basis – just let them do it. However, if you prefer them to physically show up in the office, set up clear boundaries.

Staff rotation

The ease of reaching the workplace is one of the top priorities that job seekers take into consideration while looking for new employment. People who have trouble with parking their cars conveniently close to their office may feel discouraged and thus look for a new company to work in.

How to eliminate parking issues?

We have presented only a few common problems that can arise if you don’t provide your employees with a sufficient parking area. Fortunately, there is a simple way to fight them all at once with almost no effort. The solution is called Parkalot, and it is an easy-to-use mobile app that facilitates the management of your parking area. This parking software enables users to book their parking spaces in advance so that they can directly head to a given parking space without a need to search for available spots.

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