How to adapt your company car park to the needs of electric cars 

Access to car parks with charging infrastructure is still limited. Only a minority of company car parks are equipped with charging stations, which can be discouraging for EV owners. If you want to encourage jobseekers with electric cars to choose your company, a well-equipped car park can give you a huge advantage. Redesigning your parking area doesn’t have to be costly, and it is easier than you may think. Read on to discover how to adapt your company car park to EVs and how to properly manage your parking area.


Electric charge points

As electric cars are quickly growing in popularity, every EV-friendly car park should be equipped with at least a few special charging stations. Although many car park owners are still apprehensive about charging technology due to possible fire hazards, the latest research proves that EVs can burst into flames just as frequently as ordinary fuel-driven cars. Chargers available on the market undergo extensive testing and meet the highest safety standards, so installing them in a car park shouldn’t raise concerns.

The number of chargers at a car park should always match the needs of its users. In the beginning, you can start with only one charging station and, as demands grow, expand your charging infrastructure.

Location of EV chargers

The location of EV chargers should always be carefully planned and properly adjusted to the layout of your car park. Firstly, charge points should be easily accessed by drivers and shouldn’t be placed in a way that interrupts pedestrians. The cables should be long enough so that the plug can freely reach the car. The regular cables are about 5 metres long, but you can also opt for longer ones – an eight-metre cable is sure to be a good option. What is more, a single charging station should be positioned to serve as many vehicles as possible. Therefore, it shouldn’t be located in the corners of the car park or in other hard-to-reach areas.

Proper signposting

One of the biggest issues that all EV-friendly car parks struggle with is that fuel-driven car owners often park their vehicles in spaces restricted to electric cars. As a result, drivers who want to charge their EVs are unable to reach the charger. The best way to minimise the problem is to visibly mark spaces meant for electric cars. Painted bays and proper signage will make it easier for EV drivers to find charge points and will discourage other drivers from leaving their vehicles there. 

Free car park spaces management

If you want to equip your company car park with electric chargers, you also need to know how to provide free parking spaces with easy access to chargers for those who really need them. Apart from signposting and colourful parking bays, you can also enable your employees to book parking spaces through a special parking reservation app. Such software will allow EV users to park at electric car charging stations.


If you are looking for an intuitive and efficient parking space booking system, Parkalot is here to help. Our application meets the needs of all car parks with electric stations. The system allows the administrator to set priorities and book spaces for particular users. Both features can be used to promote eco-friendly EVs. Prioritise users with electric cars and give them access to spaces with chargers. Allow the remaining car park users to book these spots only if EV owners are not interested in booking. Schedule a free pilot session to discover the features of the system.

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