Handling Accidents: How to do it in a Company Car Park 

Having a car park that you can share with your staff is undoubtedly a considerable convenience and can boost the image of your company. However, it can also be a huge source of problems. This is why it is always important to keep your parking spaces clean and in good condition. Read on to find out what to do if there is an accident in your company car park.

Accidents in car parks

It is not a secret that an alarming number of car accidents occur in car parks. Although most of them are harmless and result in paint scratches or other cosmetic damage, some of them can cause serious physical health conditions and, fortunately to a very limited extent, fatalities. You should always keep safety in mind when designing and equipping your car park, as many potential accidents result from drivers’ recklessness and car park operators’ negligence.

Car park users’ recklessness 

The number of car accidents in car parks shows how easily the average driver is distracted. Only one second of inattention in a car park can lead to a crash. Statistics show that car users are more likely to use their phones, e.g. make phone calls, read the news or write messages while in a car park. Many drivers also disobey general car park rules, for instance, cut across parking spaces, drive too fast or don’t stop when they are required to do so. All of this, plus a lack of attention when manoeuvring, are the most common causes of car park accidents.

Car park operator negligence

As we have already mentioned, car park operators can also be responsible for some accidents, and they can be held liable for damages and losses which are caused by their negligence. For instance, if there is an unmarked pothole in the middle of the car park, your employee drives through it and damages their wheel, you can expect them to claim damages from you.

Handling driver-caused car park accidents

If you own your company car park, you should establish your internal procedures in case of an accident to make your car park attendants familiar with how they should react. If the accident is minor and drivers can easily reach an agreement, there is nothing to be concerned about. The problem is much worse if the accident seems serious, e.g. there is a huge amount of damage, or one of the accident participants gets injured. In such situations, never rush things. Let the car park attendants offer their help – if the drivers get angry, they should be calmed down. The guards may call the police and ambulance if necessary. Additionally, the accident site should be secured and the traffic flow temporarily reorganised to avoid more accidents. What is more, the CCTV recordings should be saved as the insurance company can ask for them.

Improve communication

It may be a good idea to have a protocol in place letting everyone know what to do when an accident occurs. The first step should be notifying someone in charge of car park management. Parkalot – our car park booking app – has a built-in “report an accident” function. It immediately sends out a notification to system administrators. It also serves as a live chat, so that they can immediately ask additional questions and react accordingly. The feature can also be used for other kinds of incidents. For example, if you see your colleague has a flat tire, you can message the admins so that they let that person know about it.

Is it possible to limit the number of accidents?

There is a number of safety considerations that you should take into account while arranging your company car park. As an employer, you need to provide your staff with a safe working environment, and this also concerns the area where they park their cars if it belongs to you. One of the most important elements of any car park equipment is signposting. All driving directions, pedestrian walkways, stop and speed signs should be clearly visible in your company car park. Visibility from a distance is also important, so make sure lighting is properly positioned.

If your business is still growing and you experience the issue of not having a sufficient number of available parking spaces for all employees, consider introducing a parking reservation system. It will reduce unnecessary traffic within your car park.

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