How will Generation Z alter the workplace 

Throughout the recent years, much has been said about millennials – the first generation shaped to a great extent by digital media. Now, the next generation, called Generation Z or zoomers, is entering the workplace. This group covers young people who were born between the mid-1990s to the early 2010s. What, in general, can we say about them? Are they good employees? What are their expectations when it comes to their workplace? What should you expect while hiring Gen Z staff? Why is introducing new incentive schemes, like competitions, sports cards, parking apps so important if you want to take on zoomers?

Gen Z – what do we know about them so far?

Generation Z is the first social generation that grew up with omnipresent access to the Internet and mobile technology. These are people who usually use digital technology from a very young age and are proficient in using it. Although Gen Z representatives spend more time on the Internet than previous generations, they tend to be quieter, read fewer books and place greater importance on their academic performance and job prospects. They sleep less and are much more prone to suffer from mental health problems than older generations.

What do they value at work?

We can certainly say that one of the most important factors that matter to Gen Z is the work-life balance and positive relationships. This means the zoomers prefer companies which are known for their pleasant working environment than worse conditions combined with a better salary. This is a great challenge to many employers who got used to the fact that it is mostly the salary that determines the choice of a job. With Gen Z it is no longer that simple. What also matters for zoomers is constructive and regular feedback. They expect multiple check-ins, which makes them less independent at work when compared to previous generations. Taking the fact that they literally grew with modern technologies into consideration, they expect companies they work in to be innovative and use state-of-the-art software, e.g., office management or communication systems.

What do they look for?

The expectation of Gen Z differs from what the previous generations looked for in the workplace. Read on to learn about the major shifts.


As the first fully digital generation, zoomers attach big importance to modernity and innovation. This does not only concern technologies used at work, but also the general impression of the office. They prefer working in modernized office spaces with natural light, plants and ergonomic furniture.


Being able to work from home from time to time or easily change working hours is one of the biggest advantages that zoomers look at when choosing a job. As flexibility is something that they value the most, all solutions that promote independence at work are welcomed.

Peace of mind

As we have already mentioned, mental health problems are something many zoomers deal with on a regular basis. To avoid them, they usually look for companies that can ensure a friendly atmosphere with minimum stress. They also search for incentive schemes targeted at their well-being. The best examples include a parking space booking app which can reduce stress while commuting to work, a sports card allowing them to wind down after work or nights out with office colleagues during which they can bond and relax together.

Feedback and a clear promotion path

Constructive feedback is essential if you want to keep your younger employees motivated and hard-working. They literally need proper feedback to succeed. If you don’t share your opinion on their performance with them, they can easily get discouraged and look for another job. The same applies to a clear promotion policy, which has now become a must-have in modern companies hiring young employees.

Gen Z is revolutionizing the way we all think about the workplace. In fact, it is the first generation to make demands towards the employer and not to be fully driven by money. However, with proper attention, constructive feedback, regular check-ins and interesting incentives such as a parking booking app, encouraging Gen Z candidates to apply to your job offers should not be problematic.

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