Rewards for employees: check out the most creative employee reward ideas 

A good employee is a person who is always willing to work and perform given tasks at the highest level. However, all of us can struggle with professional burnout. It is a natural phenomenon that all busy people experience from time to time. Yet this can usually be solved in a simple way – through creative rewards that motivate and boost performance. What types of incentives are the best? What can you, as an employer, do to surprise your employees and encourage them to do their best?

Some interesting rewards ideas

Some popular recognition programs have become so common that they are treated as an obligatory component of employment. This includes healthcare programs, private insurance or gym cards. If you then want to motivate your employees a little more to work harder, you need to come up with some more imaginative ways in which you can show your recognition. Have you ever thought of giving your employees a truly customized gift from the heart related to their hobbies and interests or the possibility of using a parking space managing app? If not, check what benefits such incentives can bring to your company!

Things vs. experiences

There are two main ways in which you can reward your employees. You can offer them things or experiences. Some physical gifts can help you express appreciation and give them a small boost at a given time. The latter is much more useful if you want to retain high-performing employees in the long run.

Gifts all employees dream of

When it comes to physical gifts, avoid things that are banal and mundane. Forget another branded mug or other company gadgets. Think of some articles that can make life easier or comfier both at work and after work. One of the best ideas is to offer your employees plants, books or gift cards to some shops they like, e.g., a jewellery shop or a sporting goods shop (avoid gift cards to supermarkets). You can also think of some general incentives for your entire team. If their performance is kept on a high level, you can promise them a new coffee machine to appreciate what they do for the company. Ordering some exotic food or premium quality desserts is also a great idea.

Change their experience

Giving things requires spare capital. However, there are some different ways in which you can reward your employees without spending a lot of money. Think of your employees’ negative feelings and everyday struggles, and try to resolve them. You can, for example, allow them to work from home from time to time, participate in organising special theme events at the workplace or offer some other facilitations. For instance, you can provide the most valuable employees with their own parking space. With a dedicated parking booking app such as Parkalot, you can easily increase their job satisfaction and express your appreciation.

Why is Parkalot worth choosing?

If you are still wondering which rewards should be introduced in your company, let us briefly present Parkalot – a parking booking system. This is a convenient app that you can provide your employees with so that they can save time while parking. The app allows for quick reservation of parking spaces. It is also a tool that you can use to reward your employees. You can, for example, offer them full-time ownership of a parking space as a form of recognition. If the nature of the work involves competition, for instance, if you work in sales, you can offer part-time ownership of a parking space for the highest performing employees.

The role of incentives and rewards at work is frequently underestimated. However, if you carefully select motivators, they can really act as a booster! Remember that material gifts are not the only way of rewarding your team. They can often be happier with some really simple life facilitators that offer practical value.

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