Commuting to work vs. multiple locations

No matter what type of business you are in charge of, managing it on a daily basis is a challenge. But what if your company has more than one site, and, to make things even worse, your employees shift across locations? Is there a way to properly manage their work and at the same time make commuting to offices in different cities more enjoyable for them? Let’s find out!

Troubles with multiple locations

As we have already said, running multiple sites is a struggle for all managers and company owners. There are several reasons for such a state of affairs. Becoming familiar with them is crucial to addressing and solving possible problems arising from a faulty management structure.

Lack of engagement

In order to perform their duties well, employees need to be constantly motivated by their managers. However, it is observed that staff members who regularly work from different locations, tend to interact with their supervisors less often, which can negatively impact their engagement. 

Insufficient consistency

When employees are able to work from different locations, they are also able to compare the working conditions in each of them. Consistency in task and duties distribution is the key to a successful company. Otherwise, employees may tend to choose to work in a location in which the managers are more lenient and less demanding.

No task delegation

If you are a company owner or a manager, you probably know how hard it is to find a reliable employee who will treat the company as their own and do everything to foster its growth. However, task delegation at higher levels is crucial, and you should do your best to find trustworthy employees who will handle the management of particular locations.

Troubles with communication

Communication is something that you should certainly focus on. If you have only one location, all employees are able to always talk face to face when needed. However, if your staff is distributed among two or more sites, uniform communication tools are simply required to prevent communication problems that may arise in the workplace.


Problematic issues with multiple locations are not limited to those which directly concern time spent in the office. They also relate to commuting, which can be cumbersome, especially if employees need to travel long hours to reach the office.

How to solve commuting problems?

The list of issues with multiple locations is endless. If your employees juggle among multiple sites, it’s recommended that you develop a special benefit scheme that will be a type of reward for all the inconvenience. For instance, you can allow them to work from home more often or provide them with a company car for their commutes. Introducing a parking space booking app is also a great idea.

What is a parking space booking app and how does it work

A parking space management app is a system that handles car park management for you. The application runs accordingly to a set of rules defined by you, and it is easily customizable to meet the needs of your car park. If your company has more than one location, you are able to introduce the layouts of all the parking areas to the system, so that employees can easily switch among locations. This way, you can also be assured to have a free parking space waiting for them after a long commute. It is also very convenient if they use a company car, as it minimizes the risk of a car park accident while searching for a free space.

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