How do you build a positive brand image 

Even the best marketing and advertising campaigns will not be enough if your company faces negative opinions or is simply unknown. The problem may be particularly serious if your company is new to the market. The best way to finally break the losing streak is to earn a positive brand image. How to go about it? What are the best and the easiest way to convince others to your company? Does it always have to be expensive?

Starting from the beginning

Creating a positive brand image is a multi-stage process that needs to take place in your company. If your business is not popular with clients or you simply want to acquire new clients, do your best to provide them with everything they need. To do so, you need to have qualified, responsive, friendly and open-minded staff that is always willing to advise and help. This, in turn, implies the need for offering your staff a friendly work environment that supports cooperation, task completion and boosts productivity. Although achieving this may seem difficult, with new technologies which were designed to respond to employee’s needs, e.g., a management system, communication app, parking app, you can build your brand image starting from the bottom up.

Creating a brand image in practice: key elements of the process

As we have already mentioned, boosting brand image requires a set of steps that you need to take. Let’s now focus on what you can do in order to have a thriving business that is favourably perceived by the general public.

Start with the idea

To begin with, define the goals and purposes which are behind your brand. This will help you develop a short-term and long-term business strategy. Think carefully of values that are the most important to you and determine possible ways in which you can put them into practice. Many novice entrepreneurs ignore this stage and instantly go into action. That is a huge mistake!

Introduce the strategy

Once you know what your core values and expectations are, you are ready to develop a strategy through which you will be able to achieve it. This should concentrate not only on acquiring new clients but also on some more general aspects, e.g., what to do to become recognizable, how to keep your clients coming back, what to do to stay productive when the number of clients grows.

Never forget about your team

A great part of the strategy should regard your employees. In today’s business world, their productivity and attitude are derived, to a large extent, from the way you treat them. Being a fair manager who cares for staff, appreciates them and praises them regularly is just the first step. Another must-have in each company are incentives. Private health care, pensions scheme, gift cards, parking booking app, gym membership… these are only some examples of motivators you can choose from.

Be the leader, not the ruler

Being a good boss doesn’t have to mean limiting your responsibilities to telling employees what to do. Think for a minute about the possible needs that your staff can have and how to satisfy them. Maybe they are overloaded with tasks or there are several obstacles they need to face on a regular basis, e.g., the lack of parking spaces close to the office? Be responsive and flexible to your team’s needs!

Parkalot is an innovative solution that will allow you to get rid of all issues connected with organising your company parking lot. The parking space reservation system will allow your staff to book particular parking spaces before they arrive to work. This way you will reduce their commuting time and calm their nerves.

Focus on clients

Once you have your strategy planned and your workers have everything they need to be satisfied with the workplace, you can focus more on acquiring new clients. Go for friendly and communicative client service, high availability, quick actions and willingness to help to get recurring clients. 

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