Safe return to the office in the times of COVID-19

After several months of remote work many companies, including both multinational and smaller businesses, are asking employees to return to the office. However, a safe return should be well-planned and requires several safety measures to be taken. What can company owners and managers do to effectively limit the possibility of catching the virus at work? How to rearrange the office space to make it comfier and to comply with local regulations? How can new technologies support us in these difficult times? 

Some general recommendations

The coronavirus pandemic affected the entire world. Almost all countries on different continents have introduced measures that need to be followed. Many of them are related to offices and the organization of office work. Some of the most popular include: social distancing, a limited number of employees that can be in one place at the same time, shift work, and wearing masks. Unfortunately, some of them are not too agreeable for the employees. For example, some workers who spend whole days in a surgical mask complain about chest pains.

Making employees feel more secure

With all the information on coronavirus bombarding us every day, we need to understand that coming back to the office may be a huge mental stress and psychological burden for some employees. If the office is not prepared and looks like nothing has changed, the employees’ high morale can be difficult to maintain. It is crucial to provide them with safe conditions on many levels, starting from safe commuting. To do so, you can benefit from innovative modern technologies, such as Parkalot – a convenient parking booking app that will make travelling to the office much safer.

Creating a safe office space – some tips and recommendations

Following months of big uncertainties and fears, we are now aware of what should and can be done in order to limit the coronavirus. Check out some examples of easy and effective changes that can be introduced in your office without great effort.

Promote commuting by car

Commuting to the office by bus or tube is risky for both people who choose this type of transport and others who meet them. However, this method of getting to the office is popular if you can’t provide workers with parking spaces. Thanks to Parkalot, the parking management app, workers can be provided with designated parking spaces around the office so that they will no longer have to compete for parking spaces.

Introduce shift work

The best way to protect your employees is to divide them into groups that visit the office alternately. With this solution, you can decrease the number of workers who meet one another and at the same time gain more free space. If employees need to work together, try to divide them into smaller teams that do not spend time together.

Control who enters the office

Don’t allow strangers to enter the office. Invite guests only if it is necessary. With new technologies at work, you can easily shift to video-conferences. If some of your clients or contractors need to enter the building, ensure that they wear face masks and keep the required distance.

Think about the office space

With workers visiting the office alternately, the possibilities of planning a functional and safe space don’t stop. You can for instance point which desks can be used by employees, install plexiglass shields and limit the number of employees that can be in one room at the same time such as the canteen or game room.  

Treat all workers equally

Whether it is a part-timer, temp or full-time worker, you need to provide them with equal working conditions. Remember not to favour any of the employees! If some of your staff begins working later than others, it doesn’t have to mean it should be harder for them. For instance, introduce a parking space booking app that will provide each and every employee with the same head start.

These were some of the easy-to-introduce measurers that you should consider. Simply rearrange the office space and benefit from modern technologies to provide your employees with a stress-free working environment. It’s really simple!Start using Parkalot in an hour from now. Allow your colleagues to commute by car, and park on the parking spaces assigned to those who are working from home.For companies that employ less than 100 people globally, we are prolonging the free period to two months. You can make the time of the outbreak safer for your colleagues, and resign afterwards if the system won’t suit your needs. To benefit from this special offer please book an onboarding session via