Online Parking App : 10 Reasons Why You Should Introduce it in Your Company [2023]

online parking app

Onlie Parking Apps are becoming increasingly popular among companies all around the world. This is mainly because they make commuting easier and thus boost employee morale and inspire teams to perform better at work. Smart parking management solutions also help organisations become more competitive on the job market, as they strengthen the image of the company as an attractive employer.

In today’s article, we will focus on the main reasons why you should consider introducing a car parking management system in your organisation. Read our blog to discover why you simply need to invest in an online parking app!

1. Innovation that makes life easier

Car parking management systems are one of these technological advancements that are getting more and more attention all over the world. The idea behind the system is very simple, yet online parking apps offer a wide range of services and options that make corporate life easier. From creating your own virtual car parks through assigning spots to incident managing – all these features contribute to an improved quality of parking efficiency.

2. Tailored solutions

One of the greatest advantages of parking reservation apps is that they are adaptable to your needs. It means that you can easily define the size and the shape of your parking area, divide it into sections and set your own parking rules. The system is able to handle even greater volumes of vehicles that arrive and exit irregularly, which is crucial in case your employees work shifts or your office is regularly visited by customers.

3. Better traffic fluidity

Car parking management systems enable smooth car flow in parking areas. How does it work? Each employee has a possibility to book their parking spot before arrival, usually one day in advance. Once they get to the car park, they don’t need to waste time looking for a free parking space. All they need to do is to head to the previously booked parking space waiting for them. This is not only a time-saver for employees, but also a game-changer in the organisation of a modern office.

4. Lower operating costs

Having a car parking management system can also bring significant financial benefits to the business, especially in terms of medium and large surface car parks. Thanks to an online parking app, you can reduce the number of parking attendants needed to enforce the proper parking habits. What is more, an online parking app can replace a costly guidance system that will simply be needles – you won’t need specialized lighting, barriers or plate recognition machines as all these systems can be replaced by one online application.

5. Excellent parking experience

There is no doubt that happy employees equal happy customers. If you want your business to flourish, you should therefore focus primarily on the well-being of your staff. Start with limiting their early morning annoyance. Arriving at work during rush hours is a struggle for millions of employees around the world, who regularly spend hours in traffic jams. Why should they also experience negative emotions at the company car park if it is possible to avoid them?

6. Protection

Modern car park management offers a wide range of security features that significantly increase the safety of people and vehicles. The system does not only designate parking spaces to employees, but also enable them to report suspicious behaviours and car park accidents. If there is a problem at your car park, you can immediately know it! What is more, less frequent searching for spaces can reduce the number of bumps and make parking users more focused on driving and manoeuvring their cars. 

7. One of the most wanted employee benefits

Investing in a parking management system can change the way your company is seen by others. Giving your employees a tool that makes it easy to get around the parking area will certainly become one of their favourite perks. Observations prove that employees who once used an online parking app, don’t imagine working in a place with an unorganized parking area. Having the app can therefore attract jobseekers.  

8. Easy implementation

Introducing an online parking app is neither difficult nor time-consuming. It only requires a few clicks and the system is ready – your employees can use it right away! The solution is flexible, and you can easily modify it so that it meets the needs of your business. The interface of both the app and the management panel are user-friendly, so you and your employees shouldn’t get troubles using it.

9. Sustainability

The more and more customers and jobseekers are looking for environmentally-friendly companies that foster green initiatives. One of the main goals of parking management is to reduce the amount of carbon and exhaust fumes emitted when looking for a parking space. As vehicles move around less, the system may also reduce noise and improve the air quality in closed car parks.

10. Promoting eco-friendly lifestyle

Although we have already mentioned that car parking management systems support workplace sustainability, there is also one additional benefit of introducing an online parking app which is worth mentioning here, namely, the possibility to reward employees who live an environmentally friendly lifestyle. How is that possible?  It’s easier than you can imagine. With a smart parking management system, you can prioritize certain employees by giving them easier access to parking spot booking. You can, e.g., reward employees who have EVs. The system can also be used to facilitate the access to electric chargers by those employees who need them.


The implementation of a parking reservation app can bring several benefits to your business. A well-organised parking space helps get people in and out safely, prevents accidents and frustration, as well as promotes an eco-friendly lifestyle. At Parkalot, we aim at providing the best smart parking management solutions possible. With our online parking app, you can once and for all forget what it is like to experience and struggle with parking issues. Learn more about the system and try it for free with our 30-day free trial. Make a step towards easier parking.


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