The most common employee benefits that everyone loves

On today’s marketplace, companies, especially bigger ones, do everything to recognize employees and encourage them to work effectively. A good salary is no longer the only factor determining whether a particular worker is satisfied with their position. Some additional employee benefits and incentives are becoming more and more common and many modern employees simply expect to have them at work. Which one of them should find their place in your company?

Popular employee benefits

When it comes to the most common and desired employee benefits, the list is open and still growing. Each employee has their own needs and preferences and that is why companies should try to provide them with many different options to choose from. Some general employee perks such as life insurance, medical insurance, a retirement scheme, gym membership and shopping vouchers are now standard in companies. However, there are also new types of incentives that are growing in popularity. They can include a parking space booking app or cinema membership.

Which incentives are the best?

Choosing the best benefits for staff members should always be well-thought through. There is no point in introducing benefits that are useless or cost much only to boast about them during the recruitment process! The benefits should be easily accessible and add an actual value to the life of the employees. The majority of benefits that are liked, in particular, by employees are free for them. Here we can enumerate numerous daily facilitators, such as free food at work or the Parkalot parking booking app. Learn what are the most wanted employee benefits in all businesses.

Medical insurance

The list of the most desired perks usually starts with medical and dental insurance. The cost of private healthcare is continuously escalating all around the world. With free national healthcare systems, which are unwieldy in many countries, booking a doctor appointment may be a struggle. Therefore, medical insurance can be of help. With this popular benefit, your staff and their family members can always get the help they need.

Life insurance

The second most wanted staff incentive is life insurance. This form of employee benefit is aimed mostly at older and more mature employees who have their own families or other dependants and are aware of the value they bring. Life insurance is a kind of a lifeline needed in case of injury, a serious health condition or even death. Although many employees don’t consider it a decisive factor in finding employment, in fact, this is one of the most frequently chosen perks!

Gym membership

When thinking about the health of employees, we cannot forget their physical being and wellness. Gym membership cards that allow entering different sports and leisure centres are now in high demand, especially among young and active employees. With a gym membership, your employees can unwind after work, relax and increase their physical strength.

Performance bonus

This is one of the most common motivators that many performance-oriented companies introduce on a regular basis. Performance bonuses can differ in form but all of them are a kind of reward that keeps employees motivated and engaged in their work. If you want to start off with performance perks, you can go for either monetary incentives or some special gifts, e.g., a trip.

Parking app

In the majority of cases, working is strongly connected with commuting. Although in today’s world many of us have our own cars, the problem may appear when all employees want to find a parking space close to the office. The Parkalot parking app can be a great solution to the problem and at the same time an interesting incentive. With the ability to book a chosen parking space, your employees will never be late to the office and stressed with looking for a place to leave their car.

Language courses

Full-time work takes 1/3 of the time we have each working day. That is why, the majority of workers, especially those who have families and children, don’t have much time for self-development. With language courses organised directly in the company and taking place within working hours, staff members can learn new things and be more productive at work.

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