The Reliable and Trusted Alternative to Ofisly

Parkalot is a fully customisable, intelligent hybrid office management system that lets you manage all kinds of office spaces and assets, ensuring your reservations and reports are always secure and accessible.

Parkalot vs. Ofisly

While some hybrid office management systems may solve a part of your problems, they tend to lack precise solutions to recurring issues you handle in your day-to-day office management work.

Let us present to you how Parkalot is a top alternative to Ofisly.

Parkalot's powerful features

Flexible, admin-defined reservation periods: full-day, half-day, hourly, or custom Limited to only full-day and half-day reservations
Reports and history safely retained for easy access and analysis History vulnerable to deletion if parking space is removed 😱
Customisable reservation rules to seamlessly fit your company cultureThe only customisation option is specifying a monthly allowance
Automated waitlistNo waitlist option
Full control over how far in advance reservations can be placed Inflexible reservation timeframes: 1, 2, or 3 weeks in advance only
Reservation of any type of asset: parking, desks, rooms, and custom optionsLimited to reserving only parking spaces and desks
All user notifications included in the priceSome notifications require extra payment 😱
Automated user management (SCIM + EntraId)No automated user management
30-day free trial14-day free trial
Unlimited users starting from USD 99 (Medium Plan)Pay for each user, potentially increasing costs

These companies manage their hybrid offices effortlessly with Parkalot

Manage and book your office spaces with just a few taps

Parkalot is an all-in-one hybrid office management system available on all devices.

Forget about impractical spreadsheets and time-consuming office management processes. With Parkalot, your office manages itself, with no ongoing administration required.

Explore why Parkalot might be a perfect match for your hybrid office

As an industry leader in providing office management solutions, we know what matters most for hybrid workplaces to run smoothly.

Full customisation

Depending on your company culture, you might need to give priority or restrict access to certain spaces to some of the users. All of that, and much more, is possible to set up in our system.

Comprehensive usage reports

Analyse the use of your office spaces with our extensive reports and make informed decisions about managing your office assets. No data is lost in our system, enabling you to make historical comparisons and draw well-founded conclusions.

Intelligent office

Parkalot’s intelligent features make it an intuitive and fair booking system. Our app suggests spaces for you to book based on your habits, and our automated waitlist assigns spaces to users based on equitable rules.

Automated user management

SCIM integration built into Parkalot automates user management and relieves you from performing painstaking manual tasks. Whenever users have to be added or removed from your system, their accesses will be administered automatically.

30-day free trial

Use your 100% free trial period to experiment with Parkalot’s powerful features and see how our system immediately helps you solve the hybrid office chaos. To make the most of the trial period, book a free demo and let us show you around our system.

Fair pricing plans

In modern hybrid offices, there are usually more employees than parking spaces/desks and other resources available. That’s why Parkalot’s pricing depends on the number of bookable assets, and not on the number of users.

Learn how Parkalot can transform your office into a more productive and accessible space


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