Parking lot safety in the winter

Although we all know that winter has started to approach, many of us leave parking lot clean-up at the last minute. It is a huge mistake as the winter wave can be unexpected – and usually is. As freezing temperatures, heavy winds and strong snowfall can say with us for up to several months, it is better to prepare your parking lot well in advance. Check what you can do to keep your parking lot users much safer this season.

Start with cleaning

The first thing you should certainly do before the winter comes is to clean your parking lot. Get rid of dirt, debris and leaves that accumulated during the fall. Why is this so important? It will make it easier for you to keep your lot safe when it snows. Frozen leaves and mud on the ground can become slippery when the temperatures are below zero. This can easily cause an accident.

Fix the parking lot

If you want to avoid potential hazards for parking users, make sure your lot doesn’t need fixing. Even the smallest holes in the pavement or floor can hold frozen water. This is not only dangerous for people and cars which move around the space, but can also worsen the situation causing the surface to crack. Bigger repairs should always be performed before winter as it is much more difficult to fix the lot when it is cold and snowy.

Find a snow removal company

Statistics show that even up to 80% of winter accidents can take place on parking lots. This is a huge number and you should be aware of it. To decrease the possibility of incidents on your parking lot, hire someone who will remove snow for you once it falls. If you have a small lot, one person may be sufficient. However, if your company is big, you should consider a professional snow removal contractor who will get rid of ice and snow accumulation always when necessary.

Fall and slip prevention

You should also do your best to prevent employees from falling on slippery surfaces. To do so regularly inspect your parking lot and fix all cracks and places where water can potentially accumulate. That is more you can install handrails in stairways and other places where it can be hard to maintain balance and place floor mats at the parking lot entrance. Last but not least, you should always have salt and sand at your disposal so you can easily and quickly react in case of icy surfaces.

Parking space booking system from Parkalot

The best way to decrease the number of parking lot hazards and incidents is to reduce the parking lot traffic to the minimum. The Parkalot parking space management system is a great tool that will facilitate your life in the winter. The system allows its users to book parking spaces in advance so that they always know where to leave their car. When employees have their parking spaces booked, they directly head to their spot and don’t unnecessarily move around the lot. The software is easy to use and can be accessed by all smartphones which are connected to the web.

What is more, Parkalot can be used to notify you about parking lot incidents. This way, you can always react quickly and get rid of the problem as early as possible. This is hugely important especially in the winter season, when most parking lot accidents take place.

Winter is without hesitation the toughest season for all drivers and parking lot owners. Unfortunately, we are unable to get rid of the winter parking issues, but we can decrease their impact to the minimum. If you want to keep the users of your parking lot safe this winter, don’t act last-minute. Prepare yourself for heavy snowfall and icing months before!

If you’d like to introduce Parkalot – our car park management app – in your company, please contact us at or book an onboarding call.Start using Parkalot in an hour. Allow your colleagues to commute by car, and park on the parking spaces assigned to those who are working from home.