What features should a good parking space booking app have 

Parking space reservation systems have recently grown in popularity. They are not only used in spaces with problematic parking issues, but they also make it easier to find a parking space in a huge car park shared by various companies. As the software is currently on the rise, different service providers are competing to create various kinds of software that offer multiple possibilities. Today we will focus on the most important features each and every parking app should have. Stay with us!

Easy parking setup

The first thing you should consider while choosing a parking space booking app is the possibility of an easy setup. You should go for apps that allow you to create your parking layout, add and manage parking spaces on your own. Always check whether future changes are free of charge and make sure you can make them at any point in time. The system should also allow you to name different parking spots in a way that is convenient for you, e.g., if the spots have numbers, using them in the app will make it easier to find spots by users.

Assigning spots

This is another very useful function that you should certainly have in your system. The app should allow you not only to specify parking spaces that are to be booked, but also to assign spots to given parking users. The functionality should include the possibility of separating spots that are meant for a specific group of employees, e.g., managers. Automatic spot assigning is also an interesting feature to benefit from as it promotes the fair use of a parking lot by all your employees. 

Cancellable reservations

What if your employee has already booked a parking space but knows that they will not be able to come to work? They should be able to cancel their reservation at the last minute. Thanks to this feature, there is a lower possibility that people who, for instance, got sick a few hours before going to work, book a spot and never use it.

Time shifts

Setting your own time shifts is important when your employees start working at different times of the day. If shift work occurs in your company, the possibility to set shifts allows your employees to book a parking space regardless of when they show up at work. The system detects when a given employee frees their booked parking space and make it available for reservation for another person.

Incident reporting

Many parking management systems have additional features that increase user experience. One of them is incident reporting, which allows them to contact the parking manager through an app to report an incident that took place in a parking lot. They can, for example, tell you that someone has left their car in a spot booked by someone else or notify you about some reckless behaviour at the car park.

Easy access to the platform

If you want your employees to willingly use the parking booking app, make sure it is intuitive and easy to access. Employees have different mobile phones, usually based on Android or iOS, so it is important that the system runs on both of them. Choosing mobile systems which can be run directly on the web browser is also recommended. This way employees can access the platform without the need to download software on their phones.

Parking space booking software offers a great deal of practical functions that make it easier to use parking lots. If you are looking for a system that meets all the above-mentioned criteria, you should certainly consider trying out the Parkalot app. If you are interested in the product, please contact us to test the solution for free! Should you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask us in the comments section down below.

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