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Having a private car park is an asset to any business. However, in recent years, many entrepreneurs have limited the number of available parking spaces to the absolute minimum. Some of them offer free parking spaces only to high-ranking employees such as directors and managers, leaving all other staff with nowhere to park their cars. Are company car parks necessary in today’s world? Is it possible to have a flourishing business without providing the staff and clients with parking spaces? Let’s find out!

Benefits of having a company car park

First and foremost, providing your staff and clients with a company car park makes it much easier for them to access your company. This is particularly important for companies located in crowded city centres where car parks are usually overpriced, as well as those in remote places where there are almost no parking spaces at all. What is more, a company car park is virtually a necessity when you have employees who commute to work from other towns or districts which can’t be directly accessed by public transport. Additionally, a company car park is extremely useful when your business requires suppliers, clients or couriers to load and unload goods.

It does not matter if your company parking is large or small, but it should always be properly managed. To make things easier for you and your parking guards, we have designed a unique solution. Our parking spot booking system, Parkalot, is a great way to control traffic in your company car park. It allows your employees to book their parking spots in advance. What is more, the parking booking app allows spotting parking incidents, suspicious behaviour and cars which are parked incorrectly.

Key Benefits

  • Canon’s car park is now at 100% occupancy all the time with no need for manual interventions.
  • Canon staff now spend very little time on employee parking with the car park now managing itself.
  • Instant notifications and violation reports give people the information they need in real-time to ensure they are parking appropriately.

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