How to save on parking space 

What is the cost of parking space for different companies? We discussed that in the article (How much does the comfort of your parking cost your boss?) where you can see a wide range of parking prices. 

Let’s calculate the expenses!

Consider a small business with 30 parking spaces in Sydney, Australia. The cost of a parking space starts from $140 monthly per parking space. It adds up to $4.200 a month per car park. 

Let’s check Liverpool and see how much would 70 parking spaces car park for medium business cost there. With parking space price being around $150, the cost of a whole car park comes to $10.500 monthly. And $150 is very cheap for Liverpool.

Now let’s look at the US – Baltimore and large business that needs 200 spaces car park. With a monthly cost of a parking space being $186, it comes to $37.200 per month.

Who saves more by using Parkalot?

In the previous article, we’ve discussed benefits from using Parkalot by small companies. Now let’s sum up savings.

Our survey shows that car parks with assigned spaces operate with around 30% of their parking spaces unused every day. It is due to employee vacations, illnesses, remote work, meetings,travelling or use of alternative ways of transportation. When optimised properly, Parkalot increases your car park efficiency by an average of 23% by filling these spaces.

There is nothing worse than having an empty parking space while others can’t use it. And you keep paying for it.

By using parking management app, you can use your car park in 100%.

As a small business in Sydney in Australia, you will save $840 monthly, which means 10.080 per year. As a medium business in Liverpool with 70 spaces, you save $2.100 monthly and 25.200 yearly. Large businesses save the most. Being a large business in Baltimore that needs 200 space car park you save $7.440 monthly. This adds up to 89.280 per year.

Stop your company from paying more simply due to inefficient parking management and start saving.