How much does the comfort of your parking cost your boss 

In some cities, parking can be as expensive as housing or even more. In London, a parking place may cost twice the price of the average house. How high is the cost of a car park for companies?

We have checked. The estimation is based on the information from Parkopedia, Parkhound and JustPark.

The monthly rent for a parking space starts from $200.

Parking monthly prices start from around $200 and are similar for Europe, Australia or the United States. You can find a parking place in London, Amsterdam or Liverpool that costs about $200 monthly but the price in London may go up even to $1000 in Mayfair. In Zuid, Amsterdam, with a strong focus on alternative commuting and keeping cars out of the city it goes up to $1000 while in Liverpool $400 sounds quite pricey. It all depends on the city. California is going to be radically different from Colorado, and if you look for a parking place rental, be ready to pay $600 up to $1395 in Sacramento.

Opening an office in New York, San Francisco or London is going to cost a lot more per employee and so is the parking. Trying to estimate the costs, you need to consider that car park in business areas such as North Ryde in Sydney or exclusive such as Mayfair London is going to be more pricey.


In our modern society, whether we like or not, parking space becomes a luxury and also commodity. In some business areas, parking space is negotiated just like salary, healthcare and other social benefits. And whether we like it or not, it needs to be managed wisely.

Here are some examples of prices from all around the world:


North Ryde, Sydney, Australia $141-$219

Ropewalks, Liverpool, EU $181-$454

Denver, Colorado, USA $200-$900

Baltimore, Maryland, USA $204-$899

Zuid, Amsterdam, EU $267-$1000

Mayfair, London, EU $291-$1000

Sacramento, California, USA $600-$1395