Bring flexibility to your company car park

We don’t want everybody to commute by car; we want to allow you to choose consciously every day.

One could think that having created a company car park management app, we would be more likely to encourage people to use cars in their everyday commute — nothing could be further from the truth. Actually, we want to show the alternative ways of using parking spaces and hence – cars in your company.

In most companies, some parking spaces have individual owners. For example, managers get parking spaces for themselves. Parking space ends up being assigned to the manager who works from home two days a week or to the team leader who would like to use his bicycle most of the time. But it wouldn’t be proper to leave a parking space that costs the company over $100/month empty, so both drive a car every day

We have a solution. Don’t waste parking space by obliging someone to use it. It doesn’t have to be assigned to just one person. Let other people use it fairly and easily.

Introducing Parkalot app, you can assign one parking space to as many people as you like so they can switch and use alternative ways of transportation whenever they feel like. The app keeps track of the space usage so you can see if rules are fair and meeting everyone’s needs.

Or instead of assigning spaces, you can add them to the shared pool and make everyone equal. Using this solution, users just need to book their places a day before. What if they forget about it? Parkalot will send them a reminder.

As much as you can encourage employees to use alternative ways of transportation, you should also understand their needs.

You don’t always need a car, but sometimes you do. When you need to go into a few locations after work, go to the doctor, pick up kids. Or you need to do bigger shopping. And it is really nice to have a parking space in your company when your car day comes!