Reservation Rules 

Reservation rules are a unique feature of Parkalot. They allow to recreate existing parking policies, as well as optimise them. Here are some example uses of the rules:

1. Limit number of reservations.

Let’s say your company has interns and part-time employees. Parkalot allows you to regulate how often they can reserve spaces. For example, your part-time colleagues can reserve spaces three times per week, and interns, who only go to the office once a week, have a monthly reservation limit of four.

2. Give priority to some people.

If you would like to give priority to seniors or management board, you can allow them to access reservations earlier. They may reserve spaces a week in advance, while others can book only two days in advance. This gives your priority group a head start in choosing their parking spaces and ensures they will have a place to park.

You can also grant ownership of some spaces to individual people in the Manage spaces screen.

3. Dedicate spaces to groups of people.

Suppose you have two teams – IT and Accounting. They have twenty members each, and you have only twenty spaces for them. A fair solution would be to divide spaces into two groups – you can dedicate ten spaces only to members of the IT team, and do the same with the Accounting team. This allows equal access for everyone. But what if there are free IT spaces and some Accounting team members would like to park there? You can have a setting in place that says, “If nobody reserves this spot until a certain time, it becomes available for everyone, not just the IT team.” That way, you’re avoiding having empty spaces.

You can learn how to use groups here.

Let us help you.

There are much more rules to choose from. We know our way about setting up reservation rules, so feel free to contact us, so that we can help you choose the best strategy and implement it.