Groups allow you to create more advanced parking policies. This article will explain how to create groups and use them.

0. Why use groups?

Groups have two primary uses. First of all, you can set different reservation rules for different user groups.

Example 1: People in the ‘Part-time’ group can only book a space three times a week, while other users have no limits.

Example 2: Users from Group A can reserve spaces five days in advance, while users from Group B – only three days.

You can also group your parking spaces and restrict access to them.

Example 1: You can assign specific spaces only for people with disabilities.

Example 2: Spaces labeled ‘Building A’ can only be accessed by people who work in Building A.

1. Creating groups.

To create new groups, go to ‘Settings,’ provide a name for your group, and click the tickbox to the right to save it.

Don’t forget to click the tickbox to save the name of the group!

2. Assigning users to groups.

To assign a user to a group, go to the ‘Groups membership’ tab and check the boxes under the group name.

Remember that a user can be a member of more than one group!

3. Assigning spaces to groups.

To assign spaces to groups, go to the ‘Setup spaces’ screen. Find the desired space and choose a group from the list.

There are many rules that can be implemented thanks to groups – the examples above are just basics. We can help you tailor the reservation rules to your needs.

Remember that you can always contact us when you need help!